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show activity on profile and messages

Started by skall, April 09, 2015, 03:42:52 PM

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sorry if wrong place and bad english.

is a way to show users activity?  on profile and messages  I used a mod call activity bar but cannot find it here anymore.

thanks you


When you say activity, do you mean what the member is currently doing? There is this mod that shows the member's activity in their profile-

Or are you wanting their amount of time online to show (how active they are on the site) in their profile and messages?

***Edit- I did find this mod, but it is very old and for SMF 1; and will NOT work if you are using SMF 2.x

What version of SMF do you have?


hello thanks for replies

I use 2.0.8

yes it is similar the link you posted but for smf 2.0.8  I have it before but I cannnot find donwload page here like before

sorry I edit I mean how much post users have done similar to the second link you posted but for smf 2.0.8



thanks you  is the one I find

I registered and ask on the site

thanks you


The github link above takes you right to the download of the mod.  ;)

Look for on that page and download it, then upload it through your package manager.