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2.1 sceditor

Started by skb, October 04, 2019, 11:12:34 PM

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A post on our forum had this typo error. The poster erroneously did not leave a space between 'period' and 'It'
SMF has deduced that a website is being referred to with the TLD extension ".it"

Don't know if this can be classified as a bug. 

SMF 2.1.4 / TP 2.2.2

Diego Andrés

It happens with every extension, I haven't seen a discussion about that.
It's definitely not a bug, but could be an unintended feature from the editor, or an intended feature added by a dev?

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I don't know, but let's take WhatsApp example. If you accidentally forget to put a space after a period and the next word is short enough, it'll be interpreted as a link. I don't really think this is a bug, it's just the way it's done.
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After the changes in domain sector (aka you can create you own domain if you pay well enough), developers changed the behavior to detect those links/domains. After all running(dot)it is a valid domain :)

Not a bug, not an unintentional feature, 100% working as expected.


Understood. Let's close this as solved.

I thought that since there is a Insert Hyperlink button, all hyperlinks would need to be inserted through that route. But, never mind.

SMF 2.1.4 / TP 2.2.2