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Regretting a started post

Started by peterkroman, January 26, 2016, 12:44:54 PM

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How can users regret an allready started post (new or reply)?

For my users it would be a very usefull feature to be able to "Esc" out of a started post, meaning cancelling it in a simple way if the user for some reason regret to post it anyway.

Is that possible in SMF, and if yes how is it done  ;)

Regards Peter


you mean to delete a post or topic? that is a permission that already exists.


If you mean before they actually hit the post button then they simply need to hit the back button in their browser. Otherwise, what Illori said.
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Quote from: Illori on January 26, 2016, 12:49:37 PM
you mean to delete a post or topic? that is a permission that already exists.

Go to Admin Control Panel (ACP) -> Members -> Permissions -> General Permissions
Find "Regular Members" to the right click on "Modify"

Then scroll down to "Default Board Permissions".
Just below that title is "Topics" and three quarters of the way down topics is "Remove Topics" make sure that Own Topic has either "X" or "A" selected.
Click on "Save" if you made changes.

Here is a link to the Online Manual regarding permisions.
Remove topics - Determines whether users in this membergroup can remove their own topics, all topics, or no topics at all.

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