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Reboot responsive theme

Started by CrimeS, July 07, 2016, 12:18:58 PM

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Link to the theme

This theme is responsive and HTML5 & Bootstrap 3 based. It has standard Bootstrap look, with code snippets provided by Bootstrap. Created by studiocrimes

Change primary and secondary colours from "Current theme"
Use a header image, or leave empty to have user info
Full width
Accordion statistics

Live demo is available


The main menu remains covered with the theme change menu, try to fix that so we can see it.

For the rest, it's simple, very simple. I'd have included a background fixed picture to make it even more elegant. But it's good ;)
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Thank you, I've fixed the demo.


The category titles appear to need a little work. If you can fix that I will be using this theme on my forum.  ;)


Fixed, it was only demo related, due to recent changes.


Have to say it looks good so far. I tried many themes that were supposed to be responsive but all had problems and no standard menu icon that dropped down properly.
Works well with Simple Portal as well.

I will test with one of the menu mods to see if that works.


And the colour edit is a nice touch - easy to customize to suit your site in  a couple of clicks.


Menu works fine with Ultimate Menu Mod   :)



Hi, I like your theme, top marks. However I would like to change the greed bars color to a color of my choice, could you help me do that by advising me how to do so please.

I've tried to locate the image file of the green but can't find it.


The green colour bars are located in Administration->Configuration->Current theme

Also from there you can set an image by typing in image1.jpg. The image has to be located in the theme folder images/theme/

Feel free to ask about anything else.


Hello! Excellent adaptive theme! Thank you! But there is a drawback: you can not login ... Even on your demo version. I mean when you enter your login and password from the main page. It can be fixed? And second: Is it possible to put a logo on the left? As in my forum [nofollow]


Regarding the login: found a solution.
The question about the logo remains open.
Still I ask to help or assist to understand: it is incorrectly displayed who online. See the screenshot.


Can you please provide a link to the forum with this page?

To fix the login, in SMF 2.0.14 the login was updated, in index.template.php:

Code (Find) Select
<input type="hidden" name="hash_passwrd" value="" />

Code (Replace with) Select
<input type="hidden" name="hash_passwrd" value="" /><input type="hidden" name="', $context['session_var'], '" value="', $context['session_id'], '" />


The forum is located at [nofollow] Thank you, CrimeS, the bug is fixed. The answer I found a little earlier ... I fixed the file is not the one you specified - index.template.php
That's what I got
echo '
<script type="text/javascript" src="', $settings['default_theme_url'], '/scripts/sha1.js"></script>
<form id="guest_form" class="navbar-form navbar-left" action="', $scripturl, '?action=login2" method="post" accept-charset="', $context['character_set'], '" ', empty($context['disable_login_hashing']) ? ' onsubmit="hashLoginPassword(this, \'' . $context['session_id'] . '\');"' : '', '>
<div class="form-group">
<input type="text" name="user" class="form-control" aria-label="username" placeholder="username">
<input type="password" name="passwrd" class="form-control" aria-label="password" placeholder="password">
<button type="submit" class="btn btn-default">login</button>
<input type="hidden" name="', $context['session_var'], '" value="', $context['session_id'], '" />

The answer found here
Is it better to do as you suggest, or let it be as it is?

As for online users, it is also decided. I added the file from the installer Who.template.php and now everything is fine. The problem was that this file was changed in the default theme.


Sorry, I was looking at the wrong file. It should be in fact:

<button type="submit" class="btn btn-default">login</button>
<input type="hidden" name="', $context['session_var'], '" value="', $context['session_id'], '" />

The theme package has been updated now and it should work.

I'm happy that the issues have been solved for you. I really like the colours of your website's theme.


Yes, everything works as it should be. Thanks for the help and compliment, CrimeS.  :)

vinicius santana

may I report some issues with this template?
- forum logo doesn't show even in the live demo, if browsing with an mobile device, such as google chrome. isn't an big deal, in fact this can be to save data in mobile devices, don't know;
- there's not persistent login with mobile browsers, such as google chrome. no problem at all if browsing with an computer, it only happens with cellphones;
- with cellphones, auto-fill user and pass doesn't work. my mistake, it works with the user name, not the password field;
- for regular users, the forum shows as expected. for moderation, with the boxes option selected, the moderation box becomes a little bit huge, according to the screen resolution of the user.

please, can I get some help, at least with persistend login with mobile devices?

thanks in advance.


vinicius santana

i've already got part of the issue: it's related to the lack of "stay online for" button. that can be added, since it's an feature from the default theme? also, the "who is online" is broken.

vinicius santana

another slight issue, that happens with mobile devices: the "index_common_stats" it's all over himself, like instead see:
Members: 800  •  Messages: 1000  •  Topics: 4000 Please give welcome to Unknow, our latest member

all that folds over himself and becomes an mess unreadable. it's easy to fix: all that has to be done is break the line in "show_latest_member" to another one.

please, i'm just focusing mobile devices, the theme works fine in computers

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What are the ideal dimensions for the header image?


Size of the image is dependent on the forum width and the screen. The height doesn't matters, and the width should be wide enough to cover different screens (perhaps at least 1920px).

Biology Forums

Thank you for that, are you planning on upgrading to bootstrap 4?


I will inspect Bootstrap 4 and have a look what are the required changes. At the moment I'm not planning any releases.