Author Topic: Can we PLEASE remove this Terrible captcha system from SMF main forum posts?  (Read 3129 times)

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This must be the world worst captcha, takes avarage 10 times to solve if You have good eyes,
Maybe someone has extra perception and can feel it some how or is tuned in to solving it after years. In my browser the audio also does not play but it is not an solution to a obiovs problem.

It is nearly impossible to solve by t the majority of people, and i  would want to see with my eyes how any professional is able to solve it with out mistakes.

I even challenge random trials to test people to solve this captas (who have newer seen it before) if someone assumes, it is reasonable.

But as we know, ordinary people just quit using and quit posting (most people assume it is their own fault, in shame), so it is like a lock in here making human feel not smart and keeping them away from forum and entire system as if this should be front Gate for people to see what is SMF, and frankly right now most people what they see, that it is something impossible to use just by this one small but terrible mistake. No idea how it survived so many years in here.

It is no excuse, please replase it, asap.

(uh, and now hard work to try to solve it, no idea why i have to make so hard work on every post, how is that inviting for other people?)

I would not be supriced as if person who forced this chapta to stay, is in league against a forum, as this how software world works: insiders who make some part of software so unusable that it will be rejected by majorty of people

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this is a known issue. we are working on it. just one of many topics on this issue.