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are help files editable?

Started by DWFII, May 20, 2017, 03:04:41 PM

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If a forum has a FAQ, or a help file, or documentation that is accessed from the menu bar or a sidebar, are such files editable in the Admin Control panel (or elsewhere by admin)?


can you explain exactly what you want to do?


Well, maybe add a few paragraphs. Or create a "do's and don't" file."

Or instance, (as I mentioned in another thread) many forum users do not understand the difference between and "attachment" and an "image." If, as Admin, I could create or edit a help file that explained the difference it might make things easier.


might help then more to create a topic and sticky it so they can read it. this would not get overwritten if you had to replace the files for some reason. or you could look into some of the mods that add pages and put the content there.