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Started by letterman7, November 30, 2017, 12:07:32 PM

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Hi all,
I did a search but returned too many results that were not quite what I was looking for. I have a board member that wants to know if there is a way to have an email notification every time someone posts a new topic. He understands about the 'notify' on topics that he's already following, but he is looking for a way to see any new post topics that arrive without actually visiting the site. Which, I told him, kind of defeats the purpose, but I'd ask on his behalf..

So.. is there?



If you don't have a lot of boards he could go to each one and click 'Notify'.
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that will not notify of replies to topics, just new topics being made in the board.


rss in mail program ? :O)

See attachment
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Looks like a10 is onto something. That appears to be what he's looking for.. I'll search on here for a how-to unless someone has a faster plug-in or something like that.


there is a link for RSS in the footer of your forum. the user just needs an RSS reader to "read" the feed.


Ya know, I never noticed that. I'll mention that to the guy but I'm sure that finding a RSS reader is going to be above his skill level. It's above mine :-)

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

You can tell them, and try it out for yourself too, that most browsers these days include an RSS reader. ;)

Do you still need help with this? :)
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