Author Topic: problems with SMF & php.ini  (Read 1955 times)

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problems with SMF & php.ini
« on: December 02, 2017, 04:06:29 PM »

For 7 1/2 year, i started my forum on a shared VPS.
Now the time is for a VPS installation with CPANEL & WHM
I have now moved my SMF forum version 2.014, to a server with 12 GB ram, 300 GB disc, and 100 GB backup.
The control pannel is Cpanel & WHM, and i have allso ssh access for administration.
but my forum have big problems with som indexing of my SMF gallery.
I have searched the web and asked in the forum for SMF gallery, and they said, that php.ini should function correctly.

I have tryed to install some php packages with Easy apache 4, but can anyone telle me, what i should install in easy Apache 4, which mods and configurations is the best for the SMF forum.
I have allso tryed to setup my forum with https, but it don't work, i think that is something with my apache and php.ini.
If it is possible, can anyone recommend a php.ini configuration for me & my forum.

I love SMF, it is the best forum software for blind people, i have tryed a lot of forum software before i find Simplemachines forum, but Simplemachines forum is the best for blind people.
My forum is not for blind people, i am only a blind system administrator.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards

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Re: problems with SMF & php.ini
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2017, 10:16:56 PM »

I'm afraid I find the post somewhat hard to understand.
"but my forum have big problems with som indexing of my SMF gallery"
can you explain more specifically what you mean by that? What do you expect to happen, but what happens instead? And are there are any errors? If so, which?

I have searched the web and asked in the forum for SMF gallery, and they said, that php.ini should function correctly

Is there any reason why they said that? I mean, that your PHP installation should be configured properly is rather obvious. But did they not say what was misconfigured and thus what you would have to change in the ini file?
As for EA4, we'll get to that later.

A bit more information on what exactly the problem is and whether or not any errors are shown (and if so, which), would be nice so we can try to help you out. :)

Awesome to hear that you find our software the best to use by the way, and I must admit I can't imagine how I'd go about using the forums if I would not be able to see anything at all. It's offtopic in this topic as that's for your PHP problems, but I'd be quite interested to hear why SMF is the best for blind people (eg: what makes SMF unique in that area?) and how you use it/manage to find your way around, and if you have any suggestions for us. We likely can't build a full accessibility system, and most browsers/operating systems are quite capable of that these days anyway, but if there are simple/minor changes that could perhaps help optimise it: maybe we could look in to applying them if we can/if it doesn't cause (other) issues. I can imagine there might be a few things that would be obvious to you, but for all of us who can see it's not something we'd think of or even consider. Feel free to drop me a PM! :) Thanks!
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