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Some members get Error when trying to login

Started by 63 Sprint, April 29, 2022, 08:01:24 AM

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63 Sprint

We recently had an upgrade to 2.1.1  and some members get Error when trying to log in. Others, and myself included don't have this problem.

Please open the attachment below to view a snapshot.

We hope there is a simple fix.


Doug Heffernan

Did the error ocurr only after upgrading to 2.1.1. immediately, or did you install a mod prior to it? Is there any specific error pertaining to this logged in at the error log?


Try changing the smf cookie name, to force everyone to establish a new session

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Do you force the url to be www in .htaccess?

Doug Heffernan

What is the status on this @63 Sprint? Did you manage to fix the issue?