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Download for nightly(github) smf2.1

Started by albertlast, January 21, 2018, 02:11:12 AM

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Yes (and they're automatically updated every day).
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Quote from: 1.1Nerd on August 17, 2020, 05:28:43 AM
Is the download from teh 1st post the most recent SMF 2.1RC?

You can always check this yourself, each of those downloads in the first post contains a last_commit file for this very purpose. 

Example in the download from a couple of minutes ago, last_commit_6a55d92

open that file and it contain a link


Quote from: shawnb61 on June 26, 2018, 10:29:47 AM
Quote from: landyvlad on June 26, 2018, 09:26:30 AMOK is there a guide for idiots step by step of what to do?

I follow these steps:
 1) Back everything up...
 2) Delete all folders & files except:
        - attachments
        - avatars
        - smileys
        - custom_avatar    (<= make sure your custom avatar folder uses this name!)
        - any mod-specific folders for mods you want to keep, if you have any (e.g., /downloads)
        - Settings.php
        - (Some theme developers like keeping the Themes folder around, too...)
  3) Use the nightly upgrade .zip from the start of this thread.  Extract the files on top of your remaining files above. 
  4) Run upgrade.php in your forum root; some folks use ftp, but I simply use the browser, works fine

***  If you are using a copy of your prod database, don't forget to disable things like notification-related scheduled tasks in your test environment, or your production users might see icky test data.  *** 

Hope this helps,

so when doing this and you unzip the files and throw it to the host via ftp and run the upgrade.php and it doesn't work, can you just take all your backup files from the previous rc and overwrite the latest files you uploaded and run upgrade.php? this will not wipe out your current board right?  since it's not running a script, you're just overwriting files that have old code with new files with the newer code that fixes bugs?

thank you all in advance who all answer
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Upgrade.php is a tool to update your database (if changes in the db side are needed), so it is always and without exception a good idea to keep in mind that simply replacing the files with older ones is not guaranteed to work. Backup your files and database before upgrading.  But no, it should not wipe out your board, or any contents within ;)

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I used it on the "tests" forum and it worked normally...
Any problems using it on my regular forum?
Nothing in life is absolute. We are always learning... Did you know that?


Just for the record... Corrected previous errors and it's perfect!
Nothing in life is absolute. We are always learning... Did you know that?