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How do search engines look at forums?

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 I have always been curious How do search engines look at forums?
I know that bots hit sites periodically, but how are they making sense of all the mixed in stuff
on a forum? Just wondered as well is there any good way to help optimize the site when its a specific topic
to help be identified ?


In short, no....

Unlike designed sites, forums are based around user generated content. You have no control over the users’ use of titles, keywords heading tags, etc.

Aw OK that make sense.
So theoretically then a Portal with HTML on the front page might be seen in someway if it was a static page.
Being some portals ( I think all ) allow HTML in their portal block one could put HTML in the block that might be seen?
Or does that not work either due to it being part of the forum. and not html ext... ?

the forum is all html and javascript on the viewing side...   it just uses php to BUILD that html.

However, regarding a portal front end with blocks...    remember, it's all about the content. heading tags, proper alt on images and title on links etc etc...

there's no magic "do this" manual.

You can use structured data to help search engines and bots make sense of your content, have a look at, you will need to add the relevant attributes based on your site layout and content.


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