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Started by Andreso, February 03, 2018, 05:20:55 PM

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Greetings!  ;)

I have some ideas, here some of that ideas

1: to be able to add images from the PC to the publications (I already know that Simple Image Upload exists to do it) but it would be much better if it were included with SMF, since it would be better and with more corrections and with a better functioning and effort than Simple Image Upload, the images that are uploaded from the PC to the publication would be stored in an image hosting service such as ImgBB or Imgur.

2: to be able to put icons of social networks in the profiles of the users and to be able to share publications in those social networks and put walls in the profiles: (I also know that there are add-ons to put icons and Breeze for the wall) but, once again, it would be much better if they were included with SMF, Breeze does not work in my forum, and it would be excellent if the SMF team made that wall option, in addition the social network icons of the add-ons always have the old icons of those social networks , better than if they were included in SMF they had the current icons.

3: Add reCaptcha: (And again, I also know that there is a complement for that) but, again, it would be easier for SMF to have it included.

4: Modernize at least a little SMF: SMF although it has a nice classic style (which in my personal opinion I like) needs modernization, it has even a modern style for those who like modern forums, or mix classic features with modern ones, they refresh automatically when a post is published, to be able to put comments infinitely in a publication without dividing it into pages and other modern things that would be mixed with the classic.

Those are my suggestions, here is a small explanation of them, most of my suggestions already exist in add-ons, but if they were included in SMF it would not only be better because the SMF team would create them with effort, dedication, without errors and better than when they were add-ons, but I also think that as soon as you install SMF you should have enough useful functions included, and not that you have to waste your time downloading them from the add-ons page, because it's almost impossible to have a forum here without add-ons Also, since SMF 2.1 is in development, some of these suggestions could be included in this future version.



1. We have the attachments system, and if you don't want to use it, I think there are a couple of mods that allow what you're suggesting, but don't think that's a priority now.

2. That'd require a lot of work to implement just the code itself, plus I think we will have to maintain it since social network's APIs might change from time to time. It'd be a mess, IMO. That's what mods are for.

3. Already implemented in 2.1

4. New theme for 2.1 too
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Additionally, smf stands for SIMPLE machines forum...    we keep the core features simple things that pretty much everyone would be interested in using, and we avoid things which require third party APIs whenever possible.

Since is is also simple to add mods that can add pretty much all the functionality that you asked for, and mods are much simple to update when a third party changes their APIs, that's how most of those features will remain.... as mods.

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Quote from: Andreso on February 03, 2018, 05:20:55 PM
most of my suggestions already exist in add-ons, but if they were included in SMF it would not only be better because the SMF team would create them with effort, dedication, without errors and better than when they were add-ons

Gotta disagree with you there.

The development/coding team for the core SMF product are very good that's true. However their skills are best used at making the core as easy as possible for end-suers (and mod authors) to work with.

Creating (and maintaining/updating) a mod is no simple thing. It requires good knowledge, coding and dedication of time. Generally for free.  It's not at all reasonable to suggest that mod authors lack effort or  dedication. Nor is there any reason that they would make errors where others wouldn't, or that having a feature included in the SMF package makes it any "better".

A number of the people contributing to the SMF core are ALSO mod authors.

And all modifications are checked for functionality and potential problems before they are uploaded to the SMF mods section. So there is a good level of QC in place,

Issues with mods being unstable or not working are generally because those mods have not been updated for some time, but the SMF core has been.

Kindred's point about simple is very true. Many of the things you may want, might not be wanted by other SMF users for their forums.  So including them in the main software package tends to make it "bloatware".

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