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Forum's logo is obscuring the forum title


I would like to show a site logo in my forum. Following the instructions in the Help topic "How to change the logo", I uploaded my logo and entered its URL in the Logo Image URL box, under "Theme Options and Preferences".

The logo correctly appears as expected, in the top left corner of the page. The problem is that it completely obscures the forum's title.

Is there any way to show both the logo and the title?

I am using SMF 2.0.15 with the Default Curve theme.

Thanks in advance.


Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
If you wish to keep both a logo image, and the alternative text, you would need to edit index.template.php

The default code would be this

--- Code: ---         <h1 class="forumtitle">
            <a href="', $scripturl, '">', empty($context['header_logo_url_html_safe']) ? $context['forum_name'] : '<img src="' . $context['header_logo_url_html_safe'] . '" height="50" alt="' . $context['forum_name'] . '" />', '</a>

--- End code ---

Many thanks, Aleksi, I can see exactly what needs to be done.


Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
You're welcome :)


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