fMath Math Notation Editor wrapper mod

Started by Ian Wild, July 08, 2018, 06:58:26 PM

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Ian Wild

Link to Mod

This mod is a wrapper for the fMath editor, discussed in the SMF community here and also here.

Because the fMath editor has such a large footprint (because it ships with a theming engine, fonts, graphics, etc) I have split the package into a wrapper which I am submitting here and the editor itself, which is available from GitHub at [nofollow]. Documentation for both this wrapper and the editor is also available on GitHub:

fMath wrapper mod documentation [nofollow]
fMath editor installation guide [nofollow]

Please log any bugs or issues at the relevant GitHub Issues pages.

Latest version (1.1.1) contains Spanish language translation, courtesy of Rock Lee

Ian Wild

Thanks :-) And thank you for helping too.

I think the next stage for this work is to take a look at an editor that will appear in the button box rather than be a pop up (which on mobile devices is a bit nasty). I've been thinking about having some way of learning about LaTeX typesetting for math and am still wondering if MathQuill [nofollow] is the best way to go.

Biology Forums

MathQuill would be perfect and its very forward thinking as to where you should take this mod

-Rock Lee-

Very good in Mod I have used it in several places that I had to put together and that is updated I think it's great... I leave the translations to Latin Spanish! :D

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Ian Wild

Glad you like the plugin and many thanks for the Latin Spanish translation :) I'll try to get this incorporated as soon as I can.


Ian Wild

Hi again,

As promised, I've put together a new version of the plugin that includes the Spanish translation. Both this and the original are available from the mod site here. If there are any issues then please do let me know.

Thanks again :)