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Mass Email Only To Inactive Members

Started by PLAYBOY, October 12, 2018, 06:17:47 AM

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I had a problem with my forum so many new members, for sometime didn`t get a notification from us. Therefore they don`t even know they are accepted as members in our forum. Now I want to send them an email but the only mass email option I saw was the one in the newsletter page which you can`t really categorize by only inactive members that has never logged in yet.

So is there a way to mass email all inactive members that has never logged in the system yet?

I`m not asking for a global email sender to everyone. I want to categorize only to inactive members which has never logged in before.


Quote from: Illori on October 12, 2018, 07:19:21 AM

I searched it before I wrote it to here. So I saw these options already plus there`s another one in the mods section too but they`re not what I~m looking for.
1- This mod you said above is for SMF 2.0.9 not for the latest version
2- There`s no screenshot so I don`t even know if this will actually do what I need.
3- there`s been so many errors, bugs and issues on their support page.

So I was asking to see if there`s the option in the default SMF at all? cause maybe I`m missing something and just didn`t see it.



also - you've been here long enough. you should know -- any more for 2.0.x will probably work with any other 2.0.x version.

the exception might be php7 support

Also, that mod was written by Suki, so it probably works.

finally...  if you did actual look at the mod, you would have seen the description.
Does this describe what you want to do?
Descriptions are better than screenshots anyway.

Install it on a test site and test it.

Quote from: Suki on April 19, 2014, 02:00:47 PM


##### Sends emails to inactive users and deletes them if they haven't logged in on the forum.

##### Some features:

- Chose how many days the user needs to be inactive for the mod to send the mail.
- Chose how many days since the mail was sent for the user to be deleted.
- Customize the mail body and subject, you can use the following wildcards:
   - {user_name}' => user's real name,
   - {display_name}' => user's display name,
   - {last_login}' => user's last time s(he) logged in on the forum,
   - {forum_name}' the forum's name,
   - {forum_url}' => the forum's url,
- Check which usergroups will be affected by this mod. Main admin group cannot be affected.
- Once the user has received the email and the grace period has expired, (s)he will appear on the mod's user list, on that list you can:
   - Mark the user for deletion. The user will be deleted the next time the scheduled task gets executed, there is a small chance for the user to skip deletion if (s)he logs in between the time the admin marked their account for deletion and the time the scheduled task gets executed, this timeframe, however, could be very small and it cannot be larger than a full day.
   - Mark the user as "untouchable" This special setting tells the mod to completely ignore this account, that is, the account won't be eligible for deletion even if it complies with all of the criteria.
- A sub-menu in the admin button in the main menu will be added if the mod found 1 or more people ready to be marked for deletion.

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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