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Search API error in 2.1 RC2

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Just got these errors form searching, see attachment.

I upgraded from 2.1 RC1 to 2.1 RC2 today and this is the first time the error has shown, didn't see it in 2.1 RC1.

This is only my test site.

SMF Development Team has a solution for this.

Please check:


Yep it was reported yesterday on GitHub.

Thank you

This will be fixed in RC3. In the meantime, you can fix it yourself with one simple file edit.

In Sources/Class-SearchAPI.php, perform the following find & replace action. On an unmodified installation of 2.1 RC2, the relevant line of code can be found on line 148.

--- Code: (Find) --- public $version_compatible = 'SMF 2.1 RC1';

--- End code ---

--- Code: (Replace) --- public $version_compatible = 'SMF 2.1 RC2';

--- End code ---

To make this change, just download the file with your FTP client, edit it with a text editor, and then upload the edited copy.

EDIT: The attached modification package will make the change for you. Just download it and then install it using SMF 2.1's package manager like any other mod.

Thanks again


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