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Started by Sesquipedalian, April 10, 2019, 08:42:25 AM

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As per your suggestion in Attachments not uploading on beardless posting page, the problem still happens when QNTB is uninstalled.
So if I am using the Ultimate Menu mod to create other menu options using 'index.php?action=xxxx', then the QNTB is not really needed because the same can be done with Ultimate Menu? Is that correct?

Diego Andrés

Correct, but that will not fix the bug you encountered.

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@Diego Andrés - thanks for the confirmation.


I have encountered another issue using the QNT button. In previous tests, I had been making all posts to board #1.

However yesterday, while logged in as a regular member, I made a post using the QNT button in a different board - board #44. Since making that post in board #44, the 'Post in' window always defaults to board #44.

I assumed it had just remembered where the last post was made and so while logged in as the same member, made subsequent posts to different boards. However, it now continues to default to board #44 every time I use the QNT button.

The odd thing is, that now it does this for other members too. I tried four other regular members and they all defaulted to board #44. Yet when logged in as admin, it defaults to board #1 as it did originally.

The same thing happens when I make a post not using the QNT button but just the URL .../index.php?action=post

Is this related to the permissions issue we saw with attachments?

ps ... this button is addictive. I just want to keep using it!


Your BROWSER remembers entries and prefills them

If you are using the same BROWSER to do all your testing, then it doesn't matter what USER you log in as...

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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Seriously, @davo88, this mod puts a link in the menu bar. That's it. It doesn't create the posting page that the link takes you to. It doesn't have any influence over that posting page or anything that happens on it. If you are having issues with the posting page, the place to ask about that is in the SMF 2.1 support board, not in this mod's support topic.
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@Sesquipedalian... OK, but these issues may be of interest to other users of the QNT button. How are they going to know about them otherwise? I didn't know that the QNT button did the same thing as '.../index.php?action=post' until I posted the attachment problem here.

The average admin doesn't know this stuff. They just install a mod which advertises it does this or that, and when they encounter problems, they go to the mod's support topic. How do they know it's a general SMF issue? You may know it's an SMF issue, but the average admin doesn't know that. 'Seriously' indeed...


Quote from: Kindred on May 15, 2024, 04:10:52 PMYour BROWSER remembers entries and prefills them

If you are using the same BROWSER to do all your testing, then it doesn't matter what USER you log in as...
Just did a test with a different browser, same thing happens. All the members default to board #44, admin defaults to board #1.