Author Topic: SMF2.1 list of available icon keywords for mod authors  (Read 497 times)

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SMF2.1 list of available icon keywords for mod authors
« on: April 13, 2019, 01:57:15 PM »
If you're making a mod in which you offer users the option to select one of the theme's icons, users might not always know to look for the icon keywords from the CSS code,

So feel free to use the following code for an admin text hint (or however you want) it shows all icon images and their keywords next to them

Code: [Select]
$helptxt['smf_mod_icon'] = 'Each icon is defined by one or more keywords, icons and keywords may differ from one theme to another:<br>
<span class="main_icons help"></span> : help<br>
<span class="main_icons search"></span> : search<br>
<span class="main_icons engines"></span> : engines<br>
<span class="main_icons quick_edit_button"></span> : quick_edit_button<br>
<span class="main_icons modify_button"></span> : modify_button<br>
<span class="main_icons check"></span> : check<br>
<span class="main_icons invalid"></span> : invalid<br>
<span class="main_icons gender_2"></span> : gender_2<br>
<span class="main_icons watch"></span> : watch<br>
<span class="main_icons move"></span> : move<br>
<span class="main_icons next_page"></span> : next_page<br>
<span class="main_icons general"></span> : general<br>
<span class="main_icons topics_views"></span> : topics_views<br>
<span class="main_icons gender_1"></span> : gender_1<br>
<span class="main_icons features"></span> : features<br>
<span class="main_icons posters"></span> : posters<br>
<span class="main_icons replies"></span> : replies<br>
<span class="main_icons topics_replies"></span> : topics_replies<br>
<span class="main_icons history"></span> : history<br>
<span class="main_icons scheduled"></span> : scheduled<br>
<span class="main_icons views"></span> : views<br>
<span class="main_icons last_post"></span> : last_post<br>
<span class="main_icons starters"></span> : starters<br>
<span class="main_icons mlist"></span> : mlist<br>
<span class="main_icons poll"></span> : poll<br>
<span class="main_icons previous_page"></span> : previous_page<br>
<span class="main_icons inbox"></span> : inbox<br>
<span class="main_icons www"></span> : www<br>
<span class="main_icons exit"></span> : exit<br>
<span class="main_icons logout"></span> : logout<br>
<span class="main_icons switch"></span> : switch<br>
<span class="main_icons replied"></span> : replied<br>
<span class="main_icons send"></span> : send<br>
<span class="main_icons im_on"></span> : im_on<br>
<span class="main_icons im_off"></span> : im_off<br>
<span class="main_icons split_desel"></span> : split_desel<br>
<span class="main_icons split_sel"></span> : split_sel<br>
<span class="main_icons mail"></span> : mail<br>
<span class="main_icons warning_mute"></span> : warning_mute<br>
<span class="main_icons alerts"></span> : alerts<br>
<span class="main_icons warning_moderate"></span> : warning_moderate<br>
<span class="main_icons mail_new"></span> : mail_new<br>
<span class="main_icons drafts"></span> : drafts<br>
<span class="main_icons reply_all_button"></span> : reply_all_button<br>
<span class="main_icons warning_watch"></span> : warning_watch<br>
<span class="main_icons calendar_export"></span> : calendar_export<br>
<span class="main_icons calendar"></span> : calendar<br>
<span class="main_icons calendar_modify"></span> : calendar_modify<br>
<span class="main_icons plus"></span> : plus<br>
<span class="main_icons warning"></span> : warning<br>
<span class="main_icons moderate"></span> : moderate<br>
<span class="main_icons themes"></span> : themes<br>
<span class="main_icons support"></span> : support<br>
<span class="main_icons liked_users"></span> : liked_users<br>
<span class="main_icons like"></span> : like<br>
<span class="main_icons unlike"></span> : unlike<br>
<span class="main_icons current_theme"></span> : current_theme<br>
<span class="main_icons stats"></span> : stats<br>
<span class="main_icons right_arrow"></span> : right_arrow<br>
<span class="main_icons left_arrow"></span> : left_arrow<br>
<span class="main_icons smiley"></span> : smiley<br>
<span class="main_icons server"></span> : server<br>
<span class="main_icons ban"></span> : ban<br>
<span class="main_icons ignore"></span> : ignore<br>
<span class="main_icons boards"></span> : boards<br>
<span class="main_icons regcenter"></span> : regcenter<br>
<span class="main_icons posts"></span> : posts<br>
<span class="main_icons sort_down"></span> : sort_down<br>
<span class="main_icons change_menu2"></span> : change_menu2<br>
<span class="main_icons sent"></span> : sent<br>
<span class="main_icons post_moderation_moderate"></span> : post_moderation_moderate<br>
<span class="main_icons sort_up"></span> : sort_up<br>
<span class="main_icons post_moderation_deny"></span> : post_moderation_deny<br>
<span class="main_icons post_moderation_attach"></span> : post_moderation_attach<br>
<span class="main_icons post_moderation_allow"></span> : post_moderation_allow<br>
<span class="main_icons personal_message"></span> : personal_message<br>
<span class="main_icons permissions"></span> : permissions<br>
<span class="main_icons signup"></span> : signup<br>
<span class="main_icons paid"></span> : paid<br>
<span class="main_icons packages"></span> : packages<br>
<span class="main_icons filter"></span> : filter<br>
<span class="main_icons change_menu"></span> : change_menu<br>
<span class="main_icons package_ops"></span> : package_ops<br>
<span class="main_icons reports"></span> : reports<br>
<span class="main_icons news"></span> : news<br>
<span class="main_icons delete"></span> : delete<br>
<span class="main_icons remove_button"></span> : remove_button<br>
<span class="main_icons modifications"></span> : modifications<br>
<span class="main_icons maintain"></span> : maintain<br>
<span class="main_icons admin"></span> : admin<br>
<span class="main_icons administration"></span> : administration<br>
<span class="main_icons home"></span> : home<br>
<span class="main_icons frenemy"></span> : frenemy<br>
<span class="main_icons attachment"></span> : attachment<br>
<span class="main_icons lock"></span> : lock<br>
<span class="main_icons security"></span> : security<br>
<span class="main_icons error"></span> : error<br>
<span class="main_icons disable"></span> : disable<br>
<span class="main_icons languages"></span> : languages<br>
<span class="main_icons members_request"></span> : members_request<br>
<span class="main_icons members_delete"></span> : members_delete<br>
<span class="main_icons members"></span> : members<br>
<span class="main_icons members_watched"></span> : members_watched<br>
<span class="main_icons sticky"></span> : sticky<br>
<span class="main_icons corefeatures"></span> : corefeatures<br>
<span class="main_icons manlabels"></span> : manlabels<br>
<span class="main_icons calendar"></span> : calendar<br>
<span class="main_icons logs"></span> : logs<br>
<span class="main_icons valid"></span> : valid<br>
<span class="main_icons approve"></span> : approve<br>
<span class="main_icons read_button"></span> : read_button<br>
<span class="main_icons close"></span> : close<br>
<span class="main_icons details"></span> : details<br>
<span class="main_icons merge"></span> : merge<br>
<span class="main_icons folder"></span> : folder<br>
<span class="main_icons restore_button"></span> : restore_button<br>
<span class="main_icons split_button"></span> : split_button<br>
<span class="main_icons unapprove_button"></span> : unapprove_button<br>
<span class="main_icons unread_button"></span> : unread_button<br>
<span class="main_icons quote"></span> : quote<br>
<span class="main_icons quote_selected"></span> : quote_selected<br>
<span class="main_icons notify_button"></span> : notify_button<br>
<span class="main_icons select_above"></span> : select_above<br>
<span class="main_icons select_here"></span> : select_here<br>
<span class="main_icons select_below"></span> : select_below';
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Re: SMF2.1 list of available icon keywords for mod authors
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2019, 02:33:02 PM »
This is very useful! :)