Author Topic: Minor: not-yet-uploaded attachments prevent post editing  (Read 306 times)

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Minor: not-yet-uploaded attachments prevent post editing
« on: April 16, 2019, 02:02:02 PM »
Whoops, posted in the wrong tab; please wait for update

Edit: Here we go…

Steps to reproduce:
  • hit either "reply" in an existing thread or "new topic" in the topic view (in which case you also have to enter a subject in addition to the steps below)
  • draft some text
  • open attachment menu
  • add attachment in whichever way but don't hit "upload" or "upload all" yet
  • hit "post"; receive javascript(?) warning that an attachment isn't uploaded yet
  • attempt to change your drafted text (for whatever reason); notice the textarea can't be click-entered
  • (cancel-deleting or upload-ing the attachment doesn't change the situation)
  • (you're forced to either "draft" the text (which will fix the issue, but you have to re-add your attachment), "post" the unedited (with or without the attachment) and then edit it afterwards, or reload the tab and start from scratch (you can still mouse-select and copy your text)
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