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Image Handling Options in 2.1

Started by ModelBoatMayhem, April 15, 2019, 11:07:54 PM

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Quote from: varsdf on September 24, 2019, 08:55:46 PM
I run 3 smf forums since 2007, and the main reason people are leaving to other platforms/social networks is the horrible upload system.
People want to upload a bunch of pictures by selecting them on their phone, don't think about resizing and rotation, and be able to add comments to each photo and place it anywhere in the post in a wysiwyg manner. And to see upload progress as well.
When pictures are added in the upload queue, they start to upload immediately, and each successfully uploaded item appear in a kin of mini-gallery, where you can pick it and drag to your message in a form of thumbnail, or click it to insert to the last position of cursor in the message (for mobile users).
and how exactly, would you upload the image before submitting the post?
I mean you can attach an image and then preview it before posting.....but just like social media, if you don't actually submit the post then the image is not uploaded.....

as stated before, forums are not social medias.... it's not an instantaneous self gratification software.....

forums (plural noun) · fora (plural noun)
a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
"it will be a forum for consumers to exchange their views on medical research"
meeting · assembly · gathering · conference · seminar · convention · colloquy · convocation · congress · rally · council · symposium · conclave · congregation · synod · diet · caucus · get-together · colloquium · setting · place · scene · context · stage · framework · backdrop · medium · means · agency · channel · avenue · vehicle · mechanism · apparatus · auspices

a website or web page where users can post comments about a particular issue or topic and reply to other users' postings.

a court or tribunal.
court of law · law court · bench · bar · court of justice · judicature · tribunal · chancery · assizes · courtroom · palais de justice
(in an ancient Roman city) a public square or marketplace used for judicial and other business.
public meeting place · public square · marketplace · agora

not to be a smartass but..... ^

social media
[ˌsōSHəl ˈmēdēə]
social medias (plural noun)
websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

I'm not saying that the posters request is a bad idea, but keeping in mind that this is a forum software, not a social media software..... so they do function differently

and as mentioned, it is something that they team could consider, but obviously not for 2.1 as it's already in rc versions and pretty much long past the time to be adding completely new features..... that would be something for later releases......

lmfao people leaving forums.... i've been on the internet since before it was really the internet..... and forums aren't going anywhere

again social media and forums are two vastly different things
and typically social media is a free-for-all with little to no supervision
where as typically forums are moderated and are usually about a niche and not a general forum

i mean trying to compare a forum to a social media is about like trying to compare a horse to a car....sure they both may get you where you want to go but they are two completely different things.


To be honest, it's totally doable to upload before posting. I did it in a gallery mod, but the mentality is quite straightforward: the forum core is for talking to each other and images are very much separate - and when SMF 2.0 came out, there weren't the options there are now for uploading (and, for the record, Facebook in 2010 or so wasn't great either)

The problem is that pictures, even now, on a forum are not so typical. The experience of doing a photo heavy setup on a forum is poor, for sure, because a forum is not a gallery. For occasional attachments, SMF is ok but not great, is better in the next version.