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Hub Members Mod

Started by TwistedTommy, June 27, 2022, 11:55:27 PM

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The Original Automated SMF AirDC++ Web Client Hub Members Mod

## About
Hub Members Mod, or HMM is The Original Automated SMF AirDC++ Web Client Hub Members Mod, which automates membership syncronization between your SMF web site and your hub, using an airdcpp-webclient and a set of PHP integration functions.

## Installation
First, install the HubMembersMod package to your SMF forum.

Next, make sure your AirDC++ Web Client user has the proper priviledges to perform the membership syncronization on your hub.

Next, edit the `HubMembersMod.php` file, replacing the values for the following variables:

$strWebclientUser = "adminUser";
$strWebclientPass = "adminPass";
$strWebclientAddress = "hxxp: [nonactive]";
$strHubAddress = "adcs://";
$boolHubMembersModEnabled = false;

There is no user interface. If you would like to create a user interface for this mod package, please feel free to open a GitHub Pull Request.

The `integrate_delete_member` hook is commented out because of a logical error in the SMF `integrate_register` and `integrate_delete_member` hooks.

Sadly, SMF does not provide any hook for changing, maintaining or syncronizing the identity (user nick only) of the user.

## Contributing
Let's work better together. We are looking to collaborate with like-minded people who want to contribute in any capacity. Collaboration is open to everyone and we need your help if you are a:
- Developer
- Graphic Artist
- Linguist/Translator
- Tester

Feel free to:
- Fork the repository
- Branch your repository with a meaningful name related to the changes you are making
- Create a Pull Request

## Contact
GitHub: [nonactive]

###### Copyright (c) 2022 HubMembersMod - All Rights Reserved v2022-06-16-00