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Exclude moderators and global moderator from ignore list

Started by Alex_Hypnose, May 14, 2019, 06:20:15 AM

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Is there any possibility to exclude moderators or global moderators from ignore list?
For example, I have a global mod who tries to send a private message to a user, and he gets this error "this user blocked your personal message".

Didn't find anything in the options from admin menu, I would hate to be forced to disable ignore list or to punish users that block moderators. Can this be manually edited somewhere?



there is no such option in the core product nor do I believe anyone has made a mod to do it.

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Maybe rather than a technical solution to your problem. you could try a behavioural one.
An admin can send a message to the person concerned if it'ds a one-off;
or the admin could instruct the person to remove the global mod from their ignore list.

If the global mod is trying to reach the user regarding a rules infringement, and they are not making it possible for you to do, why not just act on the infringement under  whatever your normal forum policy is. That is maybe temporarily or permanently ban them; or remove posting privileges for a while.

I'd also update your forum rules to include a line that users are NOT to add the global moderator to their ignore lists.
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Thank you for your replies. I was opening there was a workaround, a solution in which I could provide Global Mod or Mod with that permission.