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Started by njtweb, July 19, 2019, 11:42:50 AM

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With the current model on 2.1 it's responsive by default. So, does that do away with the responsive curve mod? Since there is no more default curve?


Responsive Curve was built out of the work done in Curve2 (the theme in 2.1) and made mostly compatible with 2.0. So no, you don't need Responsive Curve in 2.1's default theme. Mileage will vary as people port 2.0 themes to 2.1.
Perhaps it would have been better if I'd simply never bothered. Y'all clearly would be less unhappy that way.


Bets way to port a theme to 2.1?   Re-do it in 2.1 :D

That's what I am doing with Bloc's 2.0 Studio003 theme (and, honestly, in 2.1, it involves editing only about 5 files - mostly CSS.)

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I am planning on upgrading hopefully well before php 8 but I've been directed to wait until 2.1 is stable. Is that a possibility for 2.1 in the near future? Does anybody have any idea if @virginiaz has left this site for good? She was last active almost 5 months ago after being active nearly every day for the year she was here.


It's a possibility. You'll never get a firm date though.