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Disabled BBC affects Admins

Started by GL700Wing, May 18, 2017, 07:20:01 AM

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I recently encountered an issue on an SMF 2.0.14 forum in which, when trying to view the details of a package installation error/manual edits required, the 'Operations' window was missing the 'codeheader' blocks (eg, Code: (Find) [Select], Code: (Replace) [Select]) - see attached.

I discovered the issue occurred because I had disabled the 'code' tag for posts and topics in Bulletin Board Code settings and I believe this is a bug because I don't think disabled BB codes should apply to Admins.

The fix I've implemented (which prevents disabled BB codes applying to Admins) is as follows:

In ./Sources/Subs.php
if (!empty($modSettings['disabledBBC']))

Replace with:
if (!empty($modSettings['disabledBBC']) && !allowedTo('admin_forum'))
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