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Database Error: Incorrect string value


We're still using 1.1.21 and in the past few days users have been receiving an error message when attempting to post: "Database Error: Incorrect string value: '\xF0\x9F\x91\x89 S...' for column 'body' at row 1 File: /home/customer/www/
Line: 1535" Any idea what that's about and how to fix it?

SMF 1.1 doesn’t support emoji, you need to upgrade to SMF 2.0.15.

Thanks. Yeah, I know I need to upgrade. Tried once and it crashed. Apparently I need to upgrade through half a dozen 2.0.xx versions one at a time. I have an actual life and don't presently have the time or patience to do that. Anyway, appreciate the response. We'll try a temporary fix by eliminating emojis.

once you upgrade to one version of SMF 2.0.* you can use the package manager to finish the upgrade quickly, that is if you cant upgrade directly to SMF 2.0.15.

Thanks. Yes I tried upgrading directly to 2.0.15 and no joy. When I find some time I'll try upgrading to an earlier 2.0.xx version, then on to 2.0.15. But finding the time to do it is a challenge.


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