Bug on QuickModify: The message body was left empty.

Started by Kolya, March 28, 2020, 06:45:06 PM

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In SMF 2.0.17 there is a bug with posting special characters (eg: ä,ö,ü) and unicode emojis (😊) when in quick modify mode.
You can test this here on the board, or just see the attached screenshot.

The issue is similar to one I posted about a while ago and so I was able to fix this:

In Themes\default\scripts\topic.js


x[x.length] = 'subject=' + escape(document.forms.quickModForm['subject'].value.replace(/&#/g, "&#").php_to8bit()).replace(/\+/g, "%2B");
x[x.length] = 'message=' + escape(document.forms.quickModForm['message'].value.replace(/&#/g, "&#").php_to8bit()).replace(/\+/g, "%2B");


x[x.length] = 'subject=' + document.forms.quickModForm['subject'].value;
x[x.length] = 'message=' + document.forms.quickModForm['message'].value;


x[x.length] = 'subject=' + document.forms.quickModForm['subject'].value.replace(/&#/g, "&#").php_to8bit().php_urlencode();


x[x.length] = 'subject=' + document.forms.quickModForm['subject'].value;

Note that in SMF 2.1 a similar fix has already been implemented. The various escaping and replace functions have been removed there as well.


Thank you, tes. This is a known issue ( it was reported the day after 2.0.17 release.)

A fix will be in 2.0.18

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I noticed that the fix I posted above truncates URLs at '&' characters when quick modifying posts. I therefore recommend NOT to use this fix.

Instead follow the instructions by SMF developer shawnb61 here: https://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=571082.msg4042818#msg4042818

(Unfortunately I cannot edit my first post anymore, to point at shawnb61's post directly.)


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