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Icons in submenus

Started by Hatshepsut, January 08, 2020, 12:26:33 AM

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In SMF 2.0.x by default, commands in the main forum menu does not have any icons. In SMF 2.1 commands in the main menu have icons by default.

But I think that commands in submenus (2nd level) may have icons too, in the next SMF releases. I mean system commands only, such as Admin, Moderate, Members etc.  :)

For example, I will explain my feature request by two screenshots.
First screenshot is from SMF 2.0 forum with an additional mod installed (called "Simple menu icons"). This mod adds icons in the main forum menu, and in the all their submenus:

Click =>

Second screenshot is from SMF 2.1 forum, icons are only in the main menu by default, in the submenus there's no icons:

Click =>