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Code for adding image into a Category

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I know it can be done but can't remember how

You simple go into the category settings & add the code to the description & it then places an image as below

Thanks for any help on advance
the image is 468x60 if that helps

Attachment removed due to NSFW. -d3vcho

NSFW Attachment...

nope....  I believe we purposefully removed the ability to use HTML in the description because WAY too many people broke their sites by doing that.

To add images for categories or boards -- there is a mod for boards.... or you can do it in CSS for either/both.

sussed it, all had to do was insert this code & image location

<img src="insert image location here">

that is a **BAD BAD BAD** choice.

I thought we removed that capability entirely (we should have)
It's *NOT* a good idea to put HTML in the category or board descriptions. You can seriously break things by doing that.


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