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2.1 Feature Request

Started by skb, March 15, 2020, 02:03:07 AM

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Using 2.1 RC2 GH build from a month back.

It is nice that the "Likes" feature has been added into the s/w.
There is an additional feature that I think would add value. A pop-up window on who liked the post upon hovering on the text "x people like this" instead of clicking on it. Even if this is rejected, if someone could help me with the code for this, I'd be grateful.

SMF 2.1.4 / TP 2.2.2


Doing it on hover makes it 1) more likely to trigger AJAX calls unnecessarily and 2) makes it difficult to work properly on mobile devices.


Thank you for explaining the difficulties involved. I'll zip up and mark this solved.

SMF 2.1.4 / TP 2.2.2