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Started by Bugo, March 25, 2020, 07:36:36 AM

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CASE WHEN COALESCE(CAST(par.value AS integer), 0) > 0 THEN p.num_comments ELSE 0 END AS num_comments, p.created_at,CASE WHEN COALESCE(par.value, \'0\') != \'0\' THEN p.num_comments ELSE 0 END AS num_comments, p.created_at,in that file.


Good! The fix work  ;)
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Thanks for the new version.
I tried Images from the SMF gallery to see how it works.
In the test forum, it worked fine. (Photo 2)
When I posted it in the correct forum as well, it didn't work properly. It doesn't show the photos! (Photo 1)
Since there are a lot of pictures there, I only selected one section, but I didn't see a difference.
(Access to the forums is still active)


I already found the solution, wait for the update.



* Fixed found issues
* Updated some plugins
* Improved page add/edit area a bit
* Added new plugins - CustomTranslateWidget (widget for translating forum pages), MaterialDesignIcons (Material Design icons for blocks), and MediaBlock (displays links from popular media sites as auto-embeddable videos inside the portal block)
* ExtendedBlockOptions plugin moved into the core


Quote from: Sir Osis of Liver on April 23, 2023, 04:08:32 PMSP appears to be the only portal that allows a post to be sent to portal block as article.  I've tried TP, Light Portal, ezPortal, none of them do it.  I see EhPortal on github, does it have this feature?  Will it work in 2.0?
@Sir Osis of Liver, do you mean a possibility to export topic as article on the frontpage? It is available when the portal frontpage mode is set as "Selected topics":


I just saw that I get in Error log file, 3 Unspecified errors from visitors, if it matters.

public_html/Sources/LightPortal/Integration.php (Line 231)  Flashback information

Error Type: Undefined
Error message[Selection]
2: Undefined array key "allow_light_portal_manage_pages_any"

public_html/Sources/LightPortal/Integration.php (Line 252)  Flashback information

Error Type: Undefined
Error message[Selection]
2: Undefined array key "lp_portal"

public_html/Sources/LightPortal/Integration.php (Line 262)  Flashback information

Error Type: Undefined
Error message[Selection]
2: Undefined array key "lp_forum"


@Bugo Delete it if you want. The problem I saw is general of the smf


No it's not.

The parsesmileys and data too long are due to our server issues.  They might portal issues are not

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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I set the FlarumStyle block active and I couldn't see the original portal and I got three identical errors in a row.
I set her to inactive and all is well!
The errors were as below...

/home/triglian/public_html/Sources/Subs-MessageIndex.php (Line 31)  Backtrace information

Type of error: General
Error messageSelect
256: getBoardList(): Setting both excluded_boards and included_boards is not allowed.



* Fixed found issues
* Removed AvatarGenerator plugin
* Added new plugins: DiceBear (instead of AvatarGenerator), and Calculator (simple widget)
* Added new page status - internal (these pages are not visible on the frontpage and do not participate in the search, but they can be conveniently anchored in the main menu using the MainMenu plugin)
* Admins can change page status during adding/editing
* Added feedback area in settings
* Improved view of block display areas
* Updated some plugins


v2.2.0 Mandalorian Edition

View changelog

Special Thanks:
  • To the translators, for their hard work
  • @Panoulis64 - for finding bugs and providing interesting ideas
  • @m4z - for fixing errors in the original language files

How to upgrade from previous versions:
  • Export pages and blocks (optional)
  • Backup custom templates and plugins (if available)
  • Remove the previous version of the portal (including all tables in the database)
  • Install the new version

If errors occur during the export of pages, replace the file Sources/LightPortal/Impex/PageImport.php with the updated one from the modification package.

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Thanks for the upgrade.
I followed the installation instructions on my test forum and had these minor issues.
1st The Home page did not display the articles. Solved by pressing save in "Settings for front page and articles".
2nd "Scroll images" I had them horizontal and now they appear vertical. I went to the block, the editor, but while I put horizontal selection, they remain vertical.
3rd Unspecified error. 4 times the same, every 5 minutes...
home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/LightPortal/Addons/RecentPosts/RecentPosts.php (Line 207)
Regression information

Error Type: Undefined
Error Message[Select]
2: Undefined array key "limit_body"

Flashback information
#0: smf_error_handler()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/LightPortal/Addons/RecentPosts/RecentPosts.php on line 207
#1: getData()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/LightPortal/Utils/SMFCache.php on line 77
#2: callMethod()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/LightPortal/Utils/SMFCache.php on line 47
#3: setFallback()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/LightPortal/Addons/RecentPosts/RecentPosts.php on line 230
#4: prepareContent()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/LightPortal/AddonHandler.php on line 117
#5: run()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/LightPortal/app.php on line 19
#6: call_portal_hook()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/LightPortal/app.php on line 26
#7: prepare_content()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/LightPortal/Entities/Block.php on line 45
#8: show()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/LightPortal/Integration.php on line 199
#9: menuButtons()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/Subs.php on line 5778
#10: call_integration_hook()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/Subs.php on line 5583
#11: setupMenuContext()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/Subs.php on line 4369
#12: setupThemeContext()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/Subs.php on line 4526
#13: template_header()
Call from /home/triglian/public_html/new/Sources/Subs.php on line 4169
#14: obExit()
Called from /home/triglian/public_html/new/index.php on line 194


1) The frontpage is disabled by default after the mod's installation.
2) Scroll images?
3) Here is your own note about it -


Quote2) Scroll images?

My mistake, it is TinySlider


* Updated some plugins
* Fixed cloning of blocks that do not have a title/note
* Renamed RssFeed plugin to SimpleFeeder
* Updated some localizations
* Other minor improvements and fixes

Upgrade from version 2.2.0
* Just upload the new version and press "Update" button
Upgrade from previous versions (<2.2.0)
* Export the data you need (optional)
* Remove portal modification completely, including database tables
* Install the new version
* Import previously saved data (optional)



Thanks for the update.
I made a new French translation for the latest version and corrected some errors I had made on the old file.
You can integrate it into the mod with no problem.

Merci pour la mise à jour.
J'ai fait une nouvelle traduction en français pour la dernière version et corrigée quelques erreurs que j'avais fait sur l'ancien fichier.
Vous pouvez l'intégrer au mod sans problème.
SMF 2.1.4



* Fixed found issues
* Updated some language strings
* Improved some UI elements
* Refactored prepareContent hook
* Added Arabic Translation


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