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Newsletter Variables 2.0.17

Started by BFoster143, May 15, 2020, 02:04:36 PM

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I always try and search the forum for answers.  I could not find any help on my problem.  When I go to send a newsletter and include the "variables" below

Certain variables can be used in the email:  see below for results.   ( I created another profile with an 2nd email I have - not sure if using the same computer (same IP address) would cause the below).    Any thoughts or ideas how I can check and fix the below?   Thanks in advance!!!

    {$board_url} - The URL to your forum.     WORKED
    {$current_time} - The current time.          WORKED
    {$} - The current member's email.  WORKED
    {$} - The current member's link.        Showed members email address
    {$} - The current member's ID.            Showed "??"
    {$} - The current member's name.     Showed members email address
    {$} - The most recently registered member's link.    WORKED   
    {$} - The most recently registered member's id.         WORKED
    {$} - The most recently registered member's name.    WORKED


BForster, did you get this working fixed?

If not can I ask what have you tried in the last week?


Also this would only occur if you are manually entering emails in a box to test.
That's when you get the   {$} - The current member's ID.            Showed "??"

If you do a test to a membergroup instead it should work fine. Such as sending a test to admins.
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Sorry for such a delay in responding.....      Did a test to member group and work!!!

This topic can be marked resolved....


А как правильные настройки можно установить?


Quote from: Forum453 on July 11, 2020, 12:50:38 PM
А как правильные настройки можно установить?

correct settings for what? what exactly is your problem? And also please post in english...if you want support in your language then post in the appropriate language specific forum