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Deleting members - their name stays visible

Started by dekatria, August 01, 2020, 01:51:38 PM

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When I delete a member, but not their posts, their name stays visible, but now as a guest and without a link to profile.
I tried to first change the username and nickname and then delete the member, but still somehow the old username shows as the poster (guest)

Is there a way to show the post of a deleted member without showing their original name?

Thank you


Edit the post, will let you change it.

Normally if you change it before deleting the account (assuming you do it through the UI) it *should* be fixing it for you.


Yes, that works, but the user has 150 posts. A mass solution would be appreciated.


Then you can edit the database by hand with an UPDATE query. There is no better option available.


Thanks for your reply.
I don't know what I should edit.
When I change username and screen name of member, I can not find the old Name in the database.
Yet when I delete the member, the old name appears again as a guest.
Even then I can not find the guest's name in order to edit it.


It's in the messages table, stored once per post.