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Template Error

Started by Yellowrose, August 07, 2020, 09:52:05 PM

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Just recently started getting this error trying to access the memberlist

Template Parse Error!
There was a problem loading the /Themes/default/Memberlist.template.php template or language file. Please check the syntax and try again - remember, single quotes (') often have to be escaped with a slash (\). To see more specific error information from PHP, try accessing the file directly.

You may want to try to refresh this page or use the default theme.
syntax error, unexpected '$context' (T_VARIABLE), expecting '('

can someone please give me an idea on how to fix it.


Did you recently add or remove any mods?

Please download /Themes/default/Memberlist.template.php from your forum and attach it to your next post, then we can have a look at it.


my guess is one of two things
did you add any mods that alter the member list? may need to check and make sure all edits were done correctly

or did you change your php version?

what smf version are you using and what is your php version?


Can you tell us which line the error is on, and then also post the contents of that line as well as 10 lines both above and below it (eg, if the error is on line 100, then post lines 90-110)

Outright posting the file is also an option if that is easier for you.
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Mustn't be too important as OP hasn't been on here since reporting the fault.


Or maybe you're making assumptions about the person's timezone and availability.

I'd personally be interested to see the whole file, and confirmation of which forum(s) are at work since I see 5 installations of SMF that are all subtly different and as far as I can tell, not connected (but I could be wrong about that)
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