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January 24, 2022, 08:22:08 AM


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can not view attachments when log in with adroid device

Started by BCK, August 03, 2020, 11:49:48 AM

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it seems if log into site with an android device the attachments do not show up in posts, is there something to set so can be viewed or is it just an android thing...some members only have phone they use so not sure what can be done if anything ?

using core and 2.0.17, one mod only, ezportal


ignore my above post or delete it please, I got solution/answer to my issue..thx



yes... please share.  i see this with a site that is live but not yet socialized with the group... been meaning to circle back around on it but----- life happens..... what is the solution?


needed a image viewing app on the phone for jpegs, so not sure if others will have same problem, or if just my phone when tested the site...


ah... yeah that's not the issue i'm seeing... or, not seeing... the image thumbnails don't render on droid... 2.0.17 no mods and some customizing theme/style- which is where i'll find my issue i'm sure.

thanks all the same!