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Been trying to build a forum and all the services I saw online seem unable to give me the most important requirement i have: (1)The ability to have Topics on my Frontpage ( Home Page) and
(2) the ability to manually move or lock topics as I want ON THE HOME PAGE.
Then I found tonight a random site using SMF that seemed to have  at least the first feature . So my question is does SMF allow these features ?

2) Is there a place i can find someone to pay to help me install SMF to my host.

Hello there and welcome to SMF community :)

Well, SMF by default, has no option to show topics on home page, but with some tweaks it can be done for sure.

If you're looking for paid help you can post a topic here:

Topics on the Frontpage is a feature that is provided with a portal mod.
TinyPortal supports it for sure


note: A portal mod is still part of the forum....   If you have a separate frontpage for your site, outside of the forum, then you would use the SSI functions to display forum content outside of the forum.


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