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BBC Message Boxes

Started by live627, February 15, 2020, 01:50:28 PM

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Link to the mod

BBC Message Boxes 1.2

Add four new BB codes with editor buttons for easy access


This adds the following new BB codes to your forum:
  • [error]content[/error]
  • [warning]content[/warning]
  • [okay]content[/okay]
  • [info]content[/info]

    There are no settings and no permissions; everyone can use these bbcodes.

-Rock Lee-

It is something I use a lot in several installations of SMF 2.0 it is good to see now I can use it in 2.1. Good job and I leave you the translation into Latin Spanish ;D.

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   New release: v1.2.0   


  • add correct markup to the wysiwyg editor when clicking the button
  • highlight the button if the cursor is inside a box


Diego Andrés

I believe it's just similar, you can just use whichever you prefer
Plus the original mod was from Dogan not mine :P

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What is the changelog of the latest 1.2 update?
After the update it still the same 1.0 version.  ???

Speed King

Installed on SMF 2.1.1 forum running PHP 8.0.15
The mod works fine without errors, but still "1.0" version is displayed in Package Manager.