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Started by Mick., August 30, 2021, 06:59:46 PM

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Looks nice!  Just what we've been looking for... however...

The only issue I am having is one I am having with all dark themes.  The name of the thread,  while looking at responses... is BLACK and against a very very dark gray background you really can not see it.

This is even an issue when making dark themes using the Colorizer mod.  I am not sure what is up, but it doesn't seem like changing that text color from black is happening anywhere (at least not on my forum).

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I'll look it up


Hi @Mick.

With the update "SMF 2.1.2 Update", it shows several conflicts.

Failed test: ./Themes/Fusion/index.template.php
Find:"                <li class="button_signup">"
Add before:"';

            if ($context['can_register'])
                echo '"

Failed test: ./Themes/Fusion/index.template.php
Find:"                </li>
Replace:"                </li>';

            echo '

Am I right if I say that both errors can be ignored?

Greetings and thanks for your work.