Changing Username Color

Started by waratah, July 21, 2021, 11:29:36 AM

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I'm starting to play around with the code on my theme, and would like to change the color of the username displayed next to the posts in the threads.

Which file and line would I have to edit?

Any help is appreciated.


depends on the theme you are using, you could post in that theme's support thread...or if it's your own theme you are creating based off of the default curve
and I'm assuming this is for smf 2.0.18
in your themes css folder in the index.css
.poster h4, .poster h4 a {
    color: #c06002;

change the color to whatever you like

also depending on your browser if you right click the area that you are wanting to edit you should see a dropdown list and in it should be Inspect
this will open up your inspection tool and you'll be able to see the css that needs changed, play with it to see how it looks before actually changing your file and it will show you where the file is located that needs changed.


That did it, and the inspect option should also be a great help. Thanks!