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Simple Machines working with the Software Freedom Law Center

Started by Angelina Belle, February 21, 2013, 12:23:43 PM

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Angelina Belle

Simple Machines is pleased to announce that it has engaged the services of the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) for legal counsel.  This means that, whenever Simple Machines has legal questions, needs help with routine legal filings, or needs a legal advocate, we can turn to the SFLC for help.  When we have timely access to good information, we can more quickly and easily reach good decisions. Though we do not anticipate needing legal help and advice very often, it gives us increased confidence to know where to turn for legal expertise. Simple Machines looks forward to a productive working relationship with the SFLC.

The SFLC is recognized for its high level of expertise in legal issues important to FOSS projects, for its pro-bono legal assistance to FOSS projects, and for the library of useful material it has built at its website
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It's good to know that Simple Machines is finally getting on track with the legal side of things.
Any and all org's need some sort of legal representation and/or immediate access to consultation when required.

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This is a step in the right direction. Thank you for the efforts AB.
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Thank you all and have a great day!
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Will normal users profit from this?And is that something we should be concerned?


It basically means we need to spend next to nothing for our legal matters, of which there are very few. The SFLC are an outstanding bunch that do a lot to help propagate the open mantra by offering a crucial service to aid groups like us.

I wouldn't be concerned by any of this, none of it relates to any current legal action, since there is none to speak of but the facility is there to protect us should we ever need it.