Very minor smiley bug

Started by Sir Osis of Liver, August 29, 2021, 12:54:36 AM

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Sir Osis of Liver

Not something to lose sleep over, but one of my members posted this -

  (September 7 or 8)

You can see the result. ;)
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That one has been around since 1.1.x. :D


What exactly would you like it to do other than reading minds to know that shouldn't be processed as a smiley?

You have choices:
* change the smiley code away from 8)
* change the option for no smileys
* wrap it in the nobbc tag

But this is a problem most of the forum systems have had one way or another over the years. Mind-reading or being able to infer from context are a little bit out of scope.


I just put a space between any dodgy smileys and the closing bracket.
So (September 7 or 8 )


Yeah that's what I do too, but teh best way to prevent this is to redefine the shortcode for the smiley.

eg instead of
use :8):
That is use a semicomon to start and end each shortcode.  Well that's one option anyway.
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Keeping in mind that will break any previous intentional posting of the 8) but it does solve the problem for the future. All my smileys are in enclosed in colons ...
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What happens if someone posts this?
:8):)Is that going to render as :8 ) :) once it is parsed?


Smileys are parsed by length, longest first, then it's somewhat indeterminate exactly what will happen after that, but if :8):) is the string and :8): is a known smiley, you'll get smiley-followed-by-closing-parenthesis because :8): will be parsed first in its entirety.


Ok. That is the desired result, so good.


Darn! Arantor beat me to it ... like I knew that ...  :P
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