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Started by Mick., September 22, 2021, 06:33:12 PM

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Link to the theme
blindspot 2.1 Responsive SMF Theme

blindspot is a simple responsive theme for SMF 2.1. Has your social media follow buttons, top links, awesome design and minimal. Our style is clean, flat and professional. When you see our design out there, you'll know where it came from, idesignSMF.com

Demo: https://www.idesignsmf.com/demo.html


Looks clean and simple. Get rid of the social? Media crap. It only corrupts sites and the user base.


Quote from: Dazed on September 22, 2021, 10:50:11 PMLooks clean and simple. Get rid of the social? Media crap. It only corrupts sites and the user base.
I haven't tested this theme but guessing by mick's other themes, just don't enter anything in the admin's theme settings for the social media links and they won't show up on your site


Really sweet as always.

Lovely theme, Mick.
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Thanks for making this theme! Of all the themes compatible with 2.1RC4, this is my current favorite.

Unfortunately there are a few details that keep me from choosing it over Curve2:

It's almost TOO "flat". I really prefer the subtle depth definition in Curve2 in the lines that surround and separate items. Especially when you go into a forum and get a list of topics... in Curve2, besides a line surrounding the list of topics, there's a line in between each topic separating them. In Blindspot, there is no separator between topics so they all kind of blend together visually vs. being distinct/separate.

On the main page (listing all the forums), there ARE separators between each forum, as well as a very subtle line surrounding the full list of forums. Following through and continuing that style onto forum topics would be nice.

I REALLY like the shadow behind the persistent menu that contains icons for profile, messages, alerts, etc. I also really like the outline for the items that have a dropdown (Admin, Moderate, Calendar, Members). If I could choose, I'd repeat that outline style to outline the lists of forums, lists of topics, and so on.

Definitely keeping an eye on this one. Thanks again.