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How to hide the board description from the inside

Started by Wizard0011, October 21, 2021, 09:22:27 PM

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I am using smf 2.1 RC4.
I can't find the option "Show board descriptions inside boards" in theme member options although board descriptions still appear inside the boards, How can i hide them?
Check [nonactive] > any board.


so just to clarify you want the board description on the index but not on the messageindex? if so

in Forum Folder/Themes/THEME IN USE/MessageIndex.template.php
(if your theme doesn't have this file it's in the default theme folder)

find and delete
if ($context['description'] != '')
echo '
', $context['description'];

in Forum Folder/Themes/THEME IN USE/index.css
find and delete
#description_board h3::after {
content: ' - ';