Can you duplicate the "contact" form to head to a different email?

Started by rcane, December 05, 2021, 11:22:44 AM

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A few questions (1 & 2) to set the stage for #3.

1. the misc settings doesn't have an email for the SMF contact page field, but I still get them at the webmaster's "admin@" address.

2. if the misc setting field is blank does it default to the webmaster email?

3. I would also be interested in making a duplicate "contact" form (and re-naming it) as I like the contact form for SMF related issues; however, I'd like a HELPDESK button to open a form for users to seek help about site content.


smf doesn't come with a contact us by default, that is a mod that you installed and would need to ask in the mods support thread

as for duplicating it, sure, just rename all the files and anywhere in said files that calls the pages by name....


Haha, so it doesn't.  I completely forgot that was something installed early on. 

I set the site up a year ago, and things fell flat.  I didn't recall that was a mod.