What kind of themes do the SMF users want to see for SMF 2.1?

Started by TwitchisMental, February 27, 2022, 01:08:19 PM

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I would like a modern theme with a sidebar and a footer section!


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I like modern themes like smftricks has for SMF 2.0.x. I like most the dark themes such as DarkDream, Darkec, Army. Of course, bright ones are also needed.


- Looking for Responsive themes that actually have useful layouts for large and small screens, not just hiding things. IE easy to navigate by finger on a small screen.
- Support for Browser dark mode / support CSS "prefers-color-scheme" so that OS with auto night / dark mode work correctly with the site / when I check the forum on my phone in the dark I am not blasted with a bright theme.
- Does not remove forum features.

BootBuff for example is great on mobile, but not optimal on big screens, it is also missing a lot of forum features like polls. It also doesn't have a dark mode.