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Hide the Info Center (or as much of it as possible)

Started by starbiz, May 17, 2022, 11:10:28 AM

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I don't wish to display forum stats to my membership. It's a nice feature and I use it on another SMF board, but for this particular board I wish to hide it completely.

So: How does one hide the Info Center from all users (or from an entire membergroup)?

I am pretty sure I saw a setting for this in my travels through the menus, but I've been searching and cannot find it. Probably it's been right in front of my eyes a few times and I've just missed it.

A little help, por favor?


Do you want to hide the whole thing? Or just the stats?


There's also this mod which works great on 2.1.2. You just have to emulate it in package manager for 2.0.11 but it should install and work with no edits and you can assign permissions per membergroup! ;) - Custom Logos - My Themes on SMF | My Themes on ShadesWeb - Sniffing out the road ahead

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Hello @starbiz. Did either the suggestion or the mod linked above work for you?