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Just An Idea For Someone That Makes Mods.

Started by KingSparta, May 24, 2022, 12:05:40 PM

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Just An Idea For Someone That Makes Mods.

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

So, have to ask - That looks like someone has made this mod already?

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Naa, just Paintshop pro.

there is so much wasted room on that page, and this way you can see a lineup of who you would like to pick.

If I could I would have done it by now.


Lol...  wasted room?  That completely depends on your monitor/device, doesn't  it.  :P

Anyway... not a bad idea, if anyone is actually interested in doing it.

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Why not combine the middle part (the individual image selector) with the actual images? You save space that way.

Though most people aren't using avatar packs with that many images in them, and honestly... most people just upload their own.


Would there be any way to create an avatar "creator"... sort of like you see in videogames...

Different layers... start with face shape... then maybe eye color... facial hair?  Hair styles?  Etc...  then users could create their own unique avatars.

Is that something within the realm of possibility for something like this?


Not really, this is just a presentational tweak to what's already there, aimed at folders with more avatars in them than what SMF would nicely display otherwise.

Besides, someone will have to draw the images in pieces. That ain't fun.