Tiny Tweak Suggestion To Download System

Started by FrizzleFried, May 21, 2022, 11:21:51 AM

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Hello!  Just a tiny tweak suggestion for the download system here (which,  BTW,  should be somehow released as an official SMF Mod (I've heard that would be quite the job,  but I digress)).

I can't count how many times I've been looking at the list of mods and went over to click the damn "download" icon only to remember that's just TELLING me the number of downloads.  That should be a clickable link to the download package section of that particular mod... and the one to the right of it showing the star (reviews)... that should also be a clickable link taking you to the review section of that particular mod.

Very tiny tweaks... adds loads of user friendliness.


Again... kickarce download system though.



Quote from: FrizzleFried on May 21, 2022, 11:21:51 AMThat should be a clickable link to the download package section of that particular mod

Not sure that's a good idea. Plenty of mods have multiple download packages available and going for 'the newest' isn't necessarily a good idea either.

I get the confusion though, it absolutely looks like a call to action but it's purely informational.

As for releasing the customisation site as a mod, it's never going to happen just because the complexity of what it does is so huge, assuming that 1) it still hijacks the attachments system to do the work, and 2) the future version would have to support both cross-subdomains and not-cross-subdomains.

That said, a Resource Manager sort of like what XenForo offers *would* be a neat mod, that might start out as a refactor of the existing site system.


Oh,  I meant it should go to the packages "page" of the mod.


Ahhh, yes, that makes sense. I thought you were saying it should be a direct download - that would be bad.

Could also link the rating to the ratings section.


Yeah,  direct download isn't doable due to the multiple versions, etc.  And yeah,  the star should go to the reviews/ratings page as well.  :D