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Potential Editor Bug

Started by FrizzleFried, June 28, 2022, 10:09:11 AM

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Using the BBC editor.

I wrote up this post:

...half way through writing it up,  I had selected an image BUT NOT UPLOADED IT.  I completed writing up the post.  After I was done I clicked POST and the system reminded me that there was an attachment that was not uploaded.  I uploaded it and then attempted to use the editor to move my cursor to where I wanted to insert it.

The editor was dead.  I could do nothing.  No selecting... nothing.  I did click INSERT and it put the insert tag in the wrong place... between the paragraphs.  I attempted to move the tag... but the editor was still dead.  I could do nothing.  I saved.  It displayed with the image in the wrong place (as expected).  I then MODIFIED the post and it did work as normal and I could move the tag (which I did).  I then immediately came here to report the issue.


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