Tutorial: "Deceptive site ahead Warning" - How to troubleshoot! By Wellwisher

Started by Wellwisher, July 02, 2022, 02:30:29 PM

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I run SMF & Flarum which allows our members to embed images from various websites. Generally we have a list of allowed image hosting websites.

However later today, I visited one our discussion topics and I was slapped across the eyes with this scary warning: Deceptive site ahead Warning. Now this message can crop-up for various reasons including malware injections.
This tutorial will not touch that with a 10ft pole. This tutorial only helps demonstrate a simple use-case scenario whereby a member has accidently linked to an offending image file or a linked to a malicious website and how to resolve it.

In my case, a member had innocently hot-linked an image from a malicious third party website and that's why chrome displayed this error and below shows you how I resolved it.

Step 1. I managed to resolve the issue by doing the following. On the google chrome  warning there's a button called Details. Click on this (like shown below):

Step 2. You will then see some additional information about the warning. Now click on report a detection problem. Whilst we're not attempting to appeal against the warning, because it may well be genuine, by clicking on "report a detection problem", is the only way that google will reveal what's causing this error.

Step 3. Once you click on 'Report a detection problem' Google chrome will redirect you to the following page, where it will reveal the offending content URL:

Step 4(.a) You can now either click visit this unsafe site then editing the post to remove it. 

Step  4(.b) OR if you're still having problems searching for the offending post, log into your MyPHP admin panel and search for the offending post, once you know what post it is, you can search for this on your SMF search and remove it! Or edit the post in MyPHPadmin to remove it:



I've approved this but make sure you do backups first.

Also, if you're unsure about ANYTHING in this tutorial, post here and get clarification. We don't want anyone breaking their site!
DO NOT pm me for support!


Quote from: Steve on July 03, 2022, 10:35:09 AMmake sure you do backups first.

Forgot to add this on step 4 - I can't edit this tut now. That's important. @Steve . Absolutely, whenever you're having to go into myphpadmin or editing any system file, always back up your site. :)