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Smf 2.1 Steyle V1

Started by webtiryaki, August 04, 2022, 06:35:12 PM

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Edwar Colt

Quote from: webtiryaki on April 08, 2023, 04:08:43 PM
Quote from: Edwar Colt on April 08, 2023, 03:53:07 PMThis icon also does not exist with this name in Font Awesom

> fa-SMFQuiz < does not exist

<i class="fa fa-SMFQuiz fa-lg"></i>

Yes, now it works..

Thank you very much


Hello everyone!

THEME: Steyle_V1

I have two questions regarding the Theme :laugh: .

1. What happens is that I can't see the "New Topic" Icon in the Subforums of my Forum. I leave a screenshot so you can see.

In normal Forums, this icon is displayed :) correctly.

Where do I have to move or what file to edit to be able to display the icon without problem? Apparently the Index.css is edited but I need you to tell me if this is the case and where or which line.

2. And the second question is that when viewing my Forum with this Theme from my Computer or PC, all its features, the Avatar and the Rank images in the posts, are very good.

This is how you look from the PC or computer, the Avatar and the Rank image or plate look correct.

But when viewing my Forum from my Smartphone or cell phone, neither :( the image of the Avatar nor the image of the Rank can be seen.

Where would I have to modify or add something to be able to see the Avatar and Profile Rank when viewing my Forum from the Cell Phone?

I hope you can help me and I thank you in advance for your support and possible solutions to my questions.

A hug from Mexico to the whole band that continues to use SMF  8)
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Hello, this is a special design, instead of the new phrase, the icon and text are colored as in the picture.

You cannot view this attachment.

This applies to the second question.

You cannot view this attachment.

the other question is not about the theme


find delete

.user_info li, .custom_fields_above_member {
    display: none;


Quote from: webtiryaki on April 21, 2023, 04:46:44 AMHello, this is a special design, instead of the new phrase, the icon and text are colored as in the picture.


This applies to the second question.

Hello webtiryaki!

I thank you first of all for taking the time to respond to the questions :laugh: I asked.

In the first question :o there was a confusion, I did not let myself be understood, just as you share with me in your captures the Subforums are displayed with the shaded color on the cover of my Forum when there is a new topic, when there is no new topic the titles of the subforums appear Unshaded subforums as in the screenshot.

What I want to know is why when I click on the category of my Forum, for example the one that appears in the screenshot and says "• Avisos y Editoriales •" precisely to enter its Subforums section, the Icon does NOT appear next to me left as in the screeshot, it just doesn't show up.

That is my question. I hope I have been clear so that there is no confusion on the issue.

My second question to see the Avatar and the Rank from the SmarthPhone has been solved. They are already displayed when browsing from the cell phone. Just deleting the lines of the Responsive.css file that you kindly indicated to me.

Thank you :) very much and I hope you support me on my first question.

Greetings and waiting for your kind answers 8)
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Theme Updated
Added MessageIndex.template.php.
Some bugs fixed.


Quote from: webtiryaki on April 22, 2023, 02:52:13 AMTheme Updated
Added MessageIndex.template.php.
Some bugs fixed.

Hi webtiryaki!

:( Unable to download theme update. When trying to download from the official link in SMF.

Some time later the .zip could be downloaded, but there were no files when trying to extract them. It marked the folder with 0 bytes

I hope you can verify what happens with the download of the Theme, thank you.  8)
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Hello again  ;D

I was able to download the Theme with the latest update. Just to solve my first problem, which was that I couldn't see the Icon of the Sub-forums, I was uploading the new file that you added from "MessageIndex.template.php" by ftp to my Theme folder, with this new file the problem was corrected. Error of my first question that was not being able to see the icons of the Sub-Forums.

You can already see them when you enter, here I leave my screenshot

With this I consider my two questions that I had about this excellent Theme resolved, a rating of 10 for the Theme, for webtiryaki and the entire team that has done a great job :)

Greetings to the designer band and the SMF team 8)
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I would like to know how to make the forum wider, is it possible?


Quote from: vicente127 on September 20, 2023, 01:21:45 PMHello,

I would like to know how to make the forum wider, is it possible?

Hello, find and edit index.css

#top_section .inner_wrap, #wrapper, #header, #footer .inner_wrap, #main_menu .inner_wrap {
    max-width: 1200px;
    margin: 0 auto;
    width: 90%;


Just downloaded this and it looks nice. 

Quick question.

Is it possible to move the forum stats, recent topics and users online that are on the right side (basically all the things on the right of the forum) to the bottom of the forum?



Quote from: webtiryaki on August 04, 2022, 06:35:12 PMLink to the theme

Check one of the best themes for all Forum communities. You can find here many special functions which will make for forums look better and give fantastic user experience. [nonactive]


Is there any possibility of changing the sidebar position to the bottom?

This is an example of how I want it:


Don't know if it will be the same for this theme but have a look here:
DO NOT pm me for support!


Thank you I just add this CSS.

.p-body-main {
    display: flex;
    flex-direction: column;
    flex-wrap: nowrap;

And it works.

But in order for that sidebar to have a full width, this CSS is required.

#info_center {
    width: 100%;

But how to achieve this option for new posts/themes ? I sent the image in a previous post.


Hello, I have a problem, I tried to remove this blue border. I did not succeed. does anyone know where it is?

You cannot view this attachment.


Hi,Beautiful Themes they are wonderful themes, I have several of the themes so users can select there own THEME at FWECLAN.COM  , however in all the themes developed for SMF developed by Theme Developer there is a issue where you have to add your own icons in the menu, I followed the recent post instructions   edit the theme, Open the theme's index.css and look for this code /* f-icon */ and add this code   .fa-SMFQuiz:before
    content: "\f059" Select and add icon from this address icons this does not work when you edit from like filezilla and edit the themes Themes/Steyle_V4/css/index.css, you cannot find the exact scripts this way.

The easier way to find what to edit is, open the,Themes/Steyle_V4/css/index.css Edit Look for  /* f-icon */ right below this you will see menu Items example, .fa-forum:before, .fa-contact:before, .fa-signup:before, .fa-help:before, ETC, FOR EXAMPLE  copy fa-contact: there are 3 lines of code paste just above or below that line of code,then edit that code then go to  Icons to get your icon, search for your icon find the one you want click on it you will then see a download popup when you see the popup copy the "unicode number" right beside the "download button", for example  edit the line that says content: "\f573 <--- change that number with your new unicode number save and edit.

Themes that I had to add a gallery icon, and download icon.
Peacock Theme
USI  Theme
Steyle_v1 Theme
Steyle_v2 Theme
Steyle_v4 Theme
Pelikan   Theme

Thank You {FWE}Ontime


I really like this theme. However, I would like to move the link tree to above the topic lists/posts. How would I go about doing this? Thank you!


I've figured out the breadcrumbs. I have another questions however. How do I add icons to custom menu links?